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When to Call for Your FREE Consultation

If you are a pilot, you have considered the question “When and under what circumstances would I declare an emergency in flight?" Similarly, the question of when and under what circumstances to call an aviation attorney can be an equally daunting decision. This page provides some guidance that may be helpful to this decision and explains the kind of services I provide.

FAA Enforcement Cases

About 10 years ago, the preamble to the federal legislation creating the FAA changed from the twofold mission of promoting and regulating aviation in air commerce to regulating only. This dramatically changed the culture between the FAA and those regulated by the FAA.

Most FAA enforcement activities are administrative rather than criminal in nature. Therefore, FAA inspectors do not advise individuals or companies of their legal rights.

The single biggest mistake that I have seen over many years of practice in this area is "Confessing."

Often, airmen and other certificate holders, in an effort to be cooperative and good citizens, voluntarily make statements to FAA inspectors that will later be used to suspend or revoke their certificates.

If you suspect even a possibility of a violation, keep your mouth shut. If you receive a letter of investigation, don’t answer it. It almost never helps and virtually always hurts. It’s time to call the aviation attorney.