The SR-71 Blackbird

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I hold an ATP, CFII-MEL and A&P Certificates. I understand aviation matters as a lawyer, pilot and mechanic.


1988 J.D., South Texas College of Law, Houston, Texas. | 1984 M.B.A., in Marketing Communications, Indiana University, Indianapolis-Bloomington, Indiana. | 1978 B.S. in Social Science, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. | 1974 A.S. in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology, Parks College of Aeronautical Technology, Saint Louis University, Cahokia, Illinois.

Litigation Background

Licenses U. S. Supreme Court; U. S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals; Supreme Court State of Texas; Federal District Court - Southern District of Texas

Aviation Lead Counsel for plaintiffs in 27 aviation cases, lead counsel for defendants in 16 aviation cases. Lead counsel for defendant airmen in FAA Certificate Holders in 32 cases involving FAA enforcement or Civil Penalty Actions before the National Transportation Safety Board. Numerous Pro Hac Vice appearances in federal courts in aviation cases in several states.

Appellate Lead Counsel including briefing and oral argument for 5 cases before the U. S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and 2 Cases before the Texas Court of Appeals